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Our general objectives and specific asks are:

PREVENTION of exaggerated and misleading claims being pursued and settled

1. Set up the Garda Insurance Fraud Unit

2. Amend Section 8 of the Civil Liability Act 2004 to make it mandatory and reduce the period for reporting accidents to 1 month

3. Link Sections 26 and 25 of the Civil Liability Act 2004 so that exaggerated and misleading claims are automatically forwarded to the Gardai for potential prosecution

4. Regulate claims management companies (claims harvesters)

CONSISTENCY in the calculation of awards at realistic and sustainable levels

5. Change the approach to calculating the Book of Quantum using the cap and concept of proportionality already established by the Court of Appeal

6. Get consistency in the awarding of general damages among judges by requiring judges who award damages in excess of the Book of Quantum to set out a detailed reasoning for doing so

TRANSPARENCY on how premiums are calculated and claims are settled

7. Give control of the data coming from the new National Claims Information Database to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board

8. Reinstate the Blue Book overview of the insurance industry

9. Reinstate the 2003 IIF/IBEC protocol on dealing with claims

10. Scrap and revisit the agreed Large Increases Protocol

The overriding aim of the Alliance is to:

Leverage actions that will quickly reduce general and motor insurance premiums to sustainable levels and keep them that way.

A very long list of potential objectives has been refined to three general areas and ten specific ‘asks’.  These actions are intended to be feasible, achievable within a limited timeframe, ultimately effective, easily understood /communicated and ideally, already on the Government’s Working Group list.

Given the need for urgent action, we have excluded many exemplary suggestions because they are long-term in nature. The Asks have been refined following meetings with key policyholders.