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We need your help! We are working hard to get reforms that will quickly mean:

Less claims

Lower and stable personal injury awards

Improved oversight of insurance market

Lower, stable, sustainable premiums for policyholders

But the odds are stacked against us!
Vested interests in the insurance market will do their very best to ensure there is no reform
and those vested interests are well funded and have the stamina for a long campaign to preserve their income.

This is where we need your help with funding the campaign.
Will you make a contribution to our work, with a view to improving your insurance outlook and that of Irish society as a whole?

Any contribution will be gratefully accepted. For businesses, the level of support  we’re seeking is;

  • 1 to 10 employees: €100
  • 11 to 25 employees: €500
  • Up to 50 employees: €1,000
  • Up to 100 employees: €2,000
  • Up to 150 employees: €3,000
  • Up to 500 employees: €5,000
  • 500+ €10,000

1,000+ €20,000

Benefits include becoming an acknowledged member of the Alliance, receiving regular updates on our campaign and of course, knowing that your contribution will be working to bring insurance costs down to sustainable levels .

Donate today.

Thank you!

  1. AIR Donations

    Donations to the Alliance Campaign.

    €3,821.00 donated