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Member Survey


The Alliance for Insurance Reform has published the results of a major member survey which clearly illustrates the grip the insurance crisis has taken on Irish society.

Headlines figures from the research include:

  • respondents’ insurance cost have risen by 204% in the last 5 years
  • insurance now accounts for 10% of charities’ expenditure
  • 63% of respondents have been hit with increased excesses or new exclusions to their policy
  • 49% of respondents say rising insurance costs are threatening the future of the organisation
  • 95% say Government is not doing enough to address the issue of insurance costs

The survey was carried out among Alliance for Insurance Reform members between 9th May and 2nd June 2019. These are charities, voluntary groups, sports organisations and SMEs.

There were 494 respondents.

Insurance in the context of this survey refers primarily to Public and Employer Liability insurance.

The full survey results are attached in PDF format.

See Results here

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  1. I am a Spar retailer with stores in Clontarf ,Dublin
    I have followed the progress of AIR from inception and am delighted that my representative body, CSNA ,were early supporters of this worthy debate.
    I am also pleased to note the Spar Ireland have recently decided to assist financially.
    And that us independent retailers are being encouraged by Spar Ireland to contribute directly as well, which I did today.
    PLEASE keep up the good work . I know from speaking to my local politicians that Insurance at last is a HOT TOPIC for them with the business community at last. And that is as a result of your continuous campaigning . I know, The Baily case helped but you had the groundwork well in place. Be assured , many of us Independent retailers are aware and truly appreciate what you are doing.
    Gus O’Hara

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