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Countdown to promised enactment of the Judicial Council Bill *

About Us

The Alliance for Insurance Reform is a representative group formed with the sole objective of reducing spiralling insurance costs in Ireland to sustainable levels.  The group consists of a wide range of civic, sporting and small business bodies as well as individual businesses; all of them affected by the unsustainable cost of insurance in Ireland.

Some of our Members

NOTE*: The Government has committed to enacting the Judicial Council Bill 2017 by the end of the third week in July. This bill, when it comes into effect, is promised to allow the judiciary to recalibrate the book of quantum which guides the level of general damages awarded in Irish courts.

General damages for minor, fully recovered awards have been shown to be 4.4 times higher than those in the UK; and even higher than other European countries, many of which do not award any damages for minor soft tissue injuries. Indeed, it is thought that Irish awards for very minor soft tissue injuries may be the highest in the world at present. It is our sincere hope that the judiciary take the opportunity to do the right thing when given the power to do so.